Hiring a Freelancer vs. an Agency for Your Web Design Needs

Web design changes and best practices are always developing at a breakneck speed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of web developers is expected to rise 13% from 2020 to 2030. In comparison with other professions, it is growing much more quickly. With the growth in e-commerce industries coupled with the expansion of mobile accessibility, web design is becoming more and more important for all businesses.

As designing a website becomes increasingly complex, hiring an agency may be the best option for your web development needs. However, you should consider whether hiring a freelancer is worth it as well before jumping headfirst into an agreement with a Web design Toronto and Web design Singapore  agency. You can find pros and cons of hiring both service providers below:

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Hiring a Freelancer Pros:

  • Flexibility in daily and hourly rates. Depending on the freelancer, you may be able to negotiate your rate rather than creating a flat-rate contract with an agency. This will allow you to better adapt your budget when necessary, especially website for startups companies. 
  • Preparation of content before beginning the project. A freelancer will have the time to create a content strategy for your website and come up with an outline of what should be placed where before they begin building it.
  • Customized service: Since you’re working directly with a person rather than an agency, you may expect more customized attention. Freelancers are able to address your specific needs in a way that may not be possible with an agency.

Hiring a Freelancer Cons:

  • Inconsistent availability. You may need to contact different freelancers when you have pressing deadlines or when you would like to add new features to the website. If they’re not available, it can cause delays and difficulties for both parties.
  • A single point of failure. If the freelancer leaves or is unable to complete work, you may be in trouble. Without an agency, you’ll need to find another freelancer for your project’s continuation. This can be risky without previous experience working with a particular person and familiarity with their work practices.
  • Complete loss of intellectual property. When working with a freelancer, you may lose control over your website’s intellectual property since it is owned by them. This can be risky for sensitive data such as client lists and other crucial information that your company possesses.

Hiring an Agency Pros:

  • Access to an entire team of web design NYC and web development professionals. An agency has the time to hire devoted specialists for your project who are able to collaborate on the best ways to create a functional, attractive website.
  • Timely completion of projects. Since agencies have more personnel available for your project, they’ll be better equipped to complete it in an efficient manner. Agencies also tend to specialize in certain web development services such as graphic design or content strategy. This allows them to complete these tasks in less time than a freelancer would.
  • Access to previous developments. An agency should be able to provide you with references of other clients who have used their services for web design before. If they’re able to do this, it may indicate that they are experienced and reliable enough to produce quality websites for your company.

Hiring an Agency Cons:

  • Higher costs. Hiring an agency will cost you more than hiring a freelancer. This is due to the extra staff members available to complete your project in addition to their overhead expenses such as office space rental, salary, etc.
  • Limited creative control over the design of your website. Since your project with an agency will be more reliant on collaboration, you may end up losing control over the final look of your website. This can be a negative trait for those with strong opinions about design who are not willing to compromise their vision.


As usual, hiring web development professionals comes down to weighing the pros and cons of each option. Hiring an agency will be more expensive but can offer you a higher quality of work and many other benefits.

Working with a freelancer may allow you to control your budget better while sacrificing some of the perks that an agency could provide. The best option for you will be based on your company’s needs, so consider them carefully before making a final decision!

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