Beginner's Guide to Selling Digital Products with WordPress

What Should You Do If Your Focus Isn’t On Physical Products, But Virtual or Digital Items That Can Be Downloaded. Such As eBooks, Photos, Fonts, Templates and Sketch/Photoshop Brushes, Themes or Plugins, Etc.

WooCommerce can still be effective for such businesses, even though it has limitations. With that in mind, many WooCommerce functions, such as inventory management and shipping parameters, will be of little use here and may simply look like overkill.

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Because of this, Web Design Toronto team recommend using a dedicated solution to sell digital items. We’ll look at the features of the Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin in greater detail in this post.

What is Easy Digital Downloads?

The WordPress plugin Easy Digital Downloads is a great tool for ecommerce sites that offer downloadable digital products. The core plugin is free, but you may pay for membership passes that give you access to the entire or part of the extension plugins.

Building an Ecommerce Store with Easy Digital Downloads

Setting up Easy Digital Downloads is simple. You may install it from the official repository just as you would any other free WordPress plugin. After that, simply activate the plugin.

Easy Digital Downloads is different from WooCommerce in that it groups your items as “Downloads” rather than “Products.” The plugin adds a new menu to your WordPress admin area named Downloads. The majority of the activity involving Easy Digital Downloads management and operation takes place here.

Easy Digital Downloads is somewhat similar to WooCommerce because it provides its own set of integrations and payment gateways, as well as additional features such as discount codes, coupons, customer records, and more.

Like WooCommerce, it also has its own ecosystem of plugins that may be used to enhance and expand the plugin’s basic features. Such extensions are known as “add-ons” and come in both free and paid versions. It might be a good idea to look at the official Easy Digital Downloads store if you’re interested

You’ll almost certainly need to install some add-ons. When selling downloadable items, for example, capturing leads and encouraging buyers to sign up for your blog or newsletter is usually a smart idea. Similarly, you may wish to utilize a payment gateway that isn’t natively supported by the core plugin.

Using Easy Digital Downloads in WordPress

The custom post type, Downloads, is created by Easy Digital Downloads. This means that you’ll have a certain set of custom taxonomies as well: your downloads can be classified and tagged. Furthermore, on the front end, all of your downloads may have a prominent featured image.

Adding a new downloadable item to your store is as simple as adding a new blog post to your site. Simply access the Add New Download sub-option in the Downloads menu after completing the required information such as title, content, download category and tags.

To offer you a better control over your downloads, Easy Digital Downloads allows you to choose between two product types: Default (a downloadable item with a target URL for the complete file) and Premium (which features additional features and options). You can use either simplified pricing or variable pricing for your download; in which case, you have the option of setting different prices for different download types, or just alternative prices.

On the other hand, there is a Bundle product type, which is a collection of several items combined together as one.

You can also set a limit for the number of downloads for a certain product. Maybe you only want them to see the download link five times. You may also modify or turn off the default action of the Download/Buy Now or Purchase button.

You can use the default shortcodes that Easy Digital Downloads generates for each product to add a Purchase link for the file on any site or blog post of your site.

After you’ve finished editing, simply publish to make your download available for everyone to see and purchase.

Easy Digital Downloads Settings

The Downloads option has a Settings button under it. It’s made up of several subcategories that you may browse through and customize as needed.

You may also set the default currency on your store by modifying the Currency field. You can enable or disable any of these settings while editing a template in Shopify; they will be saved automatically when you save your changes.

PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Google Pay are all supported by Easy Digital Downloads out of the box. You may use add-ons and extensions to customize payment options or stick to PayPal Standard and Amazon for payments processing. Whether you go with one or the other, if you’re taking credit cards, you’ll need to set up alternative gateway choices depending on the gateways you choose to integrate.

You may use Easy Digital Downloads to create and send out email templates, such as the Purchase Receipt. You can add your logo, customize the subject and content, and so on.

You can also turn off the native Easy Digital Downloads style for buttons and other elements, such as when you’re using your own custom CSS or if your theme provides its own styles for Easy Digital Downloads components.

By and large, Easy Digital Downloads is a great ecommerce plugin when it comes to legal issues. You can add custom tax rules, VAT rules, and other factors right on the Settings page and have them applied at checkout automatically depending on your country’s laws.

Furthermore, given the new GDPR considerations, Easy Digital Downloads allows you to create additional pages that need to be accepted in order for a buy to go through.

Finally, there are a few random settings that you can use to make maintenance easier. For example, you may allow your consumers to utilize several discount codes on the same order. Alternatively, you may require all ecommerce-focused checkout pages to be SSL-secured, demand your users to verify their email in order to complete a purchase, and so on.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to running an ecommerce store for selling digital items and downloadable products, Easy Digital Downloads is a pretty good WordPress plugin.

There are fewer Easy Digital Downloads WordPress themes than WooCommerce WordPress themes, although there are some premium theme providers that provide high-quality premium WordPress themes with Easy Digital Downloads integration. Many top theme developers, such as Array Themes, offer excellent quality premium WordPress themes that integrate with Easy Digital Downloads. The original WordPress repository features several stunning templates that work with Easy Digital Downloads, too.

As your store expands, you may need to consider more extensive configuration and sophisticated customization options. You could be required to pay taxes, keep track of accounting, and so on depending on your country’s laws. Furthermore, based on feedback from consumers and personal experience, you may discover that a certain payment gateway fulfills your needs better than the others. Only you know your exact requirements and it’s up to you to check out all available options.

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