10 Popular Plugins to Enhance your WordPress Site

WordPress plugins provide simple methods to add or enhance the functionality of a WordPress site. There are hundreds of these plugins available on the market. However, the type or niche of your website will generally influence which ones you pick. Despite the fact that a few of them are beneficial and even required for every website you build.

It usually takes a lot of work to modify or enhance a website’s capabilities. We’ll discuss the designers and developers involved. If you’re a WordPress expert, plugins can take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Having a few “must-have” plugins on hand is never a bad idea. In your situation, not every one of those mentioned here will be required. However, there are at least several that you don’t want to miss out on.

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That being the case, Web Design Toronto team would like to share with you some of the best plugins and tools available.

1. wpDataTables

Every business needs a website, but not every one needs charts and tables to get its message across. However, the minute you find yourself attempting to produce one that does, you’ll want a tool that makes the procedure as simple as possible; one that does it correctly the first time and saves you a lot of time in the long run.

There are a plethora of chart/table building tools to select from if average is sufficient and you don’t have too much time.

2. Amelia

Designed for companies that rely heavily on appointments, Amelia ensures that appointments can be made at any time and without error, as well as being properly tracked.

In a nutshell, Amelia automates the booking and scheduling operations of a company. As a result, it saves businesses’ owners and managers many hours that would have been spent manually and inefficiently managing the process.

This extremely useful plugin is adaptable, simple to put together, and has an award-winning user experience. It simply links important business systems like PayPal, Stripe, Google Calendar, and of course WooCommerce. During the first six months following the debut date, over 1,000 people subscribed to Amelia.

Perhaps it’s time to let Amelia take and schedule your appointments. It will handle all of this while also keeping track of the employees’ schedules and availability.

3. NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Pro

The 12-year-and-counting tenure of NEXTGEN Gallery is an industry standard WordPress gallery plugin. Every year, over 1.5 million new downloads are recorded for this WordPress plugin. This free edition is simple to use for creating basic photo galleries, but the tools are also available to meet the needs of professional photographers, visual artists, and

In addition to its many features, the software allows users to manage and display thousands of pictures, select from a variety of gallery presentation options, organize albums, and sell prints and digital downloads through PayPal or Stripe.

NextGEN Gallery is a great program for both beginners and experts. It may be upgraded to include additional Pro extensions for a fee, or you may choose to upgrade to NextGEN Pro. Whatever path you take, your ability to create incredible slideshow and thumbnail galleries, albums, and other content will be assured. This plugin is a great plugin to improve your website’s UX

4. Rank Math SEO

The value of a Swiss Army knife, as you may know, is hard to overstate. Your experience with the Rank Math SEO plugin will be similar in that it includes all of the components required for On-page SEO, WooCommerce SEO, Local Search, and more.

Rank Math’s Content Analysis feature, which will help you create SEO-friendly content, is also worth noting. This WordPress plugin loads quickly and is simple to use. Read up on our comparison between Rank Math SEO vs Yoast SEO plugin

5. Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing for WordPress

Personalization is all about delivering tailored information to specific audiences. And it works, cause sites perform 200% better as a result. logichop’s toolbox of ready-made solutions makes it simple for anybody to personalize their website based on pay-per-click and display advertising, geolocation, social media posts, user actions taken on your site, specific traffic sources, and more.

6. MapSVG WordPress map plugin

Have you been looking for a high-quality WordPress mapping plugin? You may stop right now. MapSVG enables you to incorporate Google maps, customised interactive vector maps, or image maps into your websites.

Want to overlay a custom SVG graphic on a Google map, generate a map from a JPEG or PNG file, add points or directory information? It’s no problem. Afghanistan through Zambia are all included in the package.

7. Heroic Knowledge Base

Heroic Knowledge Base has all of the tools you’ll need to build and manage a successful knowledge base for your WordPress site. Your knowledge base will be more useful thanks to features like the lightning-fast Ajax search function, as well as article feedback and actionable analytics that this WordPress plugin provides.

In a nutshell, Heroic Knowledge helps your visitors locate what they’re looking for and may help you spot any areas where your website could be enhanced.

8. Heroic FAQs

It’s probably a truism to say that the vast majority of questions that users ask have already been asked and answered – and perhaps many times. You may use drag and drop ease to create, order, and group questions and answers, add pictures, lists, or videos, and modify one of the pre-defined FAQ designs to fit your site with Heroic FAQs. 

The FAQ pages you build will look great on PCs and mobile devices, and they’re designed for touch-based devices. In terms of SEO, FAQ will help create structured schema data for your website, read here on why it’s important to have structured data for your website

9. WordLift

AI is becoming more prevalent in our news. Here’s a use for artificial intelligence that will benefit you – SEO-friendly AI. WordLift converts text and web pages into machine-readable material, analyzes how well the content performs, and allows you to improve both the content and navigation of a website to improve its UX and rankings.

As this WordPress plugin conducts the work of generating a knowledge graph from the information on your website, you and search engines will learn more about it.

10. Blog2Social – Smart Social Media Automation for WordPress

The Blog2Social WordPress plugin provides you with an all-in-one social media publishing and scheduling platform for your blogs and notices, as well as the option to distribute them in any format.

You can promote on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and 13 other social networking sites at the same time. Blog2Social has features such as a social media calendar to assist you with scheduling.


There’s a good possibility that you’ll find more than one of these top-of-the-line WordPress plugins to be useful. However, if you only pick one, you will undoubtedly save a lot of time and effort. Not to mention the amount of work it would take you to create the same feature on your own.

When you think about it, plugins are a lot more than just software program add-ons. They also broaden your own potential and possibilities.

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