The best web design tells a story

In the last decade, online storytelling has evolved from a novelty to something that many designers and business folks see as an essential part of successful brand communication.

Storytelling on the web integrates the site’s design into its story. Just like in print design, web design by our Web design Toronto and web design NYC team can sometimes tell stories on their own or use elements of storytelling on their pages.

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How to tell your story through your website:

  1. The story should be unique to the audience and your business model.
  2. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to understand the premise of the story from a glance at your page.
  3. Be as consistent as necessary to tell your brand’s story, but don’t overdo it—a lack of changes can be just as boring to your visitors as a design filled with too many repetitive elements.
  4. Take advantage of the digital format by using multimedia in innovative ways—for example, adding video to explain the story behind your brand.
  5. Include interactive elements when appropriate to keep users engaged and on your page.
  6. Don’t hesitate to engage your visitors by creating pop-ups, asking them to participate in the story.
  7. Experiment with different storytelling formats and techniques.
  8. Don’t forget to track your success and continue to experiment as you go along—the best storytelling is anything but predictable!

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