The Most Important Parts of UX for Ecommerce

You step into your favorite store. You’re accustomed to having a pleasant experience there, but this time, finding the items you like most is difficult. The customer service representative is sitting behind the counter playing games on his phone and has open boxes with things lying about on the floor, as if the stock person didn’t finish their assignment.

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Web design Singapore team state that the first, second, and thousandth impressions are crucial. Online companies must pay particular attention to this.

The First Impression

Online businesses must make a good first impression, since customers may simply click the “x” to go look for another provider that sells the same items.

Our Web Design Toronto team recommends that on the homepage, you’ll need a value proposition, and it’s good to explain how yours differs from the hundreds of others on the internet. Your first impression will improve if you use simplicity and call to action items.

Collections of Filterable Items with Product Selection Tools

The best ecommerce companies usually have groupings of goods to assist customers in making decisions. For example, they may offer a grid with the most popular men’s tops, or they may recommend items based on past user feedback.

The aim is to provide filtering and comparison tools when customers look at these grids. Why? Because the galleries and collections of goods are only suggestions. An easy to navigate menu is important for users to find their products fast, this will also decrease bounce rates and increase conversions.  The filtering and comparison tools become available once the user has gone past your set galleries.

Having a System in Place to Bring Users Back

The current average abandonment rate for online shopping carts is 68.63 percent, according to data from researches. This is a significant number, implying that the most successful businesses are not those that rely on first-time visitors.

Web design Singapore team believe that customers must be prepared before they start buying from your firm, which necessitates the installation of a system to reconnect abandoned carts, bounced consumers, and customers who have previously paid for goods.

The following are some of the most common ways to do so:

  • Using email marketing
  • Offering a discount for the same product on their next purchase
  • Making a coupon available for customers to print out and use in the store
  • Sending an SMS reminder with a discount code

Showing Credibility and Customer Satisfaction

What are the significant features of your homepage? Do you have any testimonials on your website? How will you establish credibility with your consumers if you don’t have any?

Do your product pages include ratings and reviews? If not, how will your consumers know which of the items is superior?

Offering Quick Customer Service Tabs That are Impossible to Miss

Beautiful on the surface, but they are soon tested when a problem arises. Given that most consumers will have a question, it’s critical to include customer service tabs that are impossible to overlook.

In the footers or in little links crammed into the sidebar, companies are prone to include customer service links. This is a bad thing since the consumer doesn’t have time to search all over your website. Live chat boxes are handy, and clear support modules should be included in the navigation menus, or anyplace outside of the footer.

The Fastest Checkout Process Imaginable

Web design Miami team state that a fast checkout is the second most important feature on your to-do list, following a secure payment system. To begin, you’ll need a strong host and ecommerce platform with fewer redirects and caching to ensure that your site’s actual UI and UX performance is up to par.

Then, after you’ve implemented the checkout process with customers, it’s time to test it out. Having a one-click checkout is ideal, but other elements must be taken into account, such as guest accounts, which are intended to boost site sales.

A Pleasant User Experience after Purchasing Has Been Made

This part has to do with how you bring people back to your store, but it’s also about how consumers feel after making a purchase from you. Is there a way for people to contact your customer service staff directly from the receipt? Is there a fast module for returning items and getting a return label without difficulty? Can an order be updated before shipment?

Web design Miami team explain that any of these features can increase the satisfaction of your customers, which is what you really want to achieve. A firsthand experience after shopping will surely result in word-of-mouth marketing for your company!

Clear, Beautiful Images with Quick Loading

It doesn’t matter how uninteresting your items appear. People no matter what you’re selling, for example, notepads or matcha tea, just want to see a lot of pictures. You can’t cut corners on the amount of high-resolution pictures, great fonts and design used since they help to further close the sensory gap between walking into a store and buying online. We wrote an article about 10 after effects plugins that’s great for UI designers here. 


From a spectacular first impression to gorgeous product photographs, the most essential elements of e-commerce UX are frequently complicated, while other times simple. Web design Miami experts recommend to choose one or two user experience modifications using great page builders. This will make to your online store and continue after you’ve observed them have an impact.

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