The Main Benefits of SSL Encryption for Web Development

What is SSL Encryption?

SSL (which stands for Secure Socket Layer) encryption was originally designed to provide confidentiality and integrity of data between a web browser and a web server. In order to accomplish this, the SSL protocol employs ciphers with symmetric as well as asymmetric keys. Web design NYC team  strongly recommends to encrypt SSL in your site as soon as possible.

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Main Benefits of SSL Encryption

Encryption of transmitted data

SSL can be used to encrypt any confidential information stored on the server (or sent to the server) through the browser.

This protects sensitive information like credit card details or bank account numbers from potential hackers who might intercept this information over an insecure network.

Confirmation of website identity

The Main Benefits of SSL Encryption for Web Development corroborated by a trusted third party, certificates provide confirmation of website identity.

Once a user connects to a secure website, their browser examines the site’s certificate and extracts the site’s public key to confirm that it matches up with the correct web server. This prevents man-in-the-middle attacks from occurring which is mainly why singapore web design Team consider SSL as one of the foundation of Secure website.

Authentication of the server

when a user enters their username and password to sign in, SSL ensures that this information is being sent directly to the correct web server. In this case, if an attacker intercepts the transmission his actions will be detected because he would lack access to the site’s private key.

Enhanced message privacy

With SSL, both the server and the browser encrypt all traffic before sending it over a network in order to prevent information from being viewed by any third parties. As said by Web design Toronto that in this age of technology revolution Privacy is one of main public concern.

Data integrity

With SSL, data is encrypted in such a way that an attacker cannot alter or change the message without detection. This helps protect against tampering of transmitted data from man-in-the-middle attacks.

Enhanced server security

SSL encryption also ensures that the server is authenticated to the browser and encrypts all traffic before transmitting it over a network. This prevents attackers from viewing the data being sent back and forth between a user and their desired website.

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