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Website Hosting

This article is contains the answer to your questions formulated by Web design Toronto and Wen design NYC team. There is a lot of data needed to create a website. This data contains HTML codes, documents, images and videos. To store this content on the internet, you will require a web host. A web host consists of an ultimate computer source, which is the server. Web hosting is a storage facility for companies and online businesses to secure their files online.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is when a hosting provider enables you to create a website or webpage online. This service provides space for your website on a web server. All webpages are reserved on a computer called the server. Web hosting is the process of these web hosts generating codes, images and more for your online profile. When a user logs onto their browser to search for your site, they are connected to your server, enabling them to access your website. These web hosts provide the services required for your content to be accessed over the internet. Moreover, the amount of space you get on a web server for your site depends on the type of web hosting.

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Types of web hosting.

There are only a handful of options for web hosting. Yet, each one has its particular function per customer requirements. The main types of web hosting include dedicated, shared, VPS, cloud and reseller web hosting. These only differ in the technology used for the server. These web hostings also have diverse levels of management provided, and some may even have more services to offer.

Shared web hosting is when your website will be on the same server as multiple other websites. This is the cheapest and most convenient hosting for new web pages that will not be expecting much traffic. All web hosting companies provide this type of hosting. Even though this is ideal for small businesses or personal websites, you can use it as an ecommerce site as well. As long as you ensure that your provider can offer Namecheap’s Business SSD hosting. This is not a reliable type of web hosting for larger businesses. As a large business would have much more traffic and require a dedicated server.

Dedicated web hosting, give separate servers entirely on rent. A specific server allows a better site performance for larger business websites. A dedicated server also gives enhanced self-service administration facilities. This allows site administrators to have more control over the server and the web page. They can also manage the software’s security through their server. 

VPS or virtual private servers is a web hosting service. It makes it seem like you have a dedicated server while you are actually sharing it with other websites. This type of web hosting stands between shared and dedicated web hosting. The only feature that is different in a shared server and a VPS is that clients can configure the VPS. This is used by small businesses that want a dedicated server’s authority yet don’t want to pay the high cost.

Reseller web hosting is a little complicated. It uses clients’ hard drive space and bandwidth to host a website. The client has to create an account, with which it can host for third parties as well. This account owner is known as the ‘reseller.’ This type of hosting is especially useful when you have excessive purchased space, which you don’t need. This space and other resources can be exchanged for some revenue.

Cloud hosting is the current, most popular hosting type. This hosting service functions through several interconnected web servers. This web hosting is, thus, cost-efficient, effective and extensible. Cloud hosting has an extremely large capacity of disk space for innumerable domains, which makes it a perfect fit for larger businesses. Moreover, it even offers unmetered and trusted bandwidth.

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How to pick a web host?

Picking the perfect web host for your website can be difficult. There are a lot of crucial factors to consider when choosing a web host for your website. These factors affect more if you’re launching a business website. One of these features you should pay attention to is the web hosting ability to support WordPress. WordPress also powers about 25% of the websites online. This makes it one renowned content management system. If your web host is not compatible with WordPress, you could be at a loss. All you need for hosting your word press is PHP version 7 or greater; MySQL version 5.6 or greater.

You should make sure your web host offers FTP Access. This is essential if you want to upload a file from your computer to a web server. If you prefer to post your own HTML files on your website, this feature will come in handy. It will allow users to access your files through the internet.

Your hosting provider may need you to have your own domain name. Aside from the domain name, a web provider needs to give you an email account. This will help you create a domain email account easily.

Benefits of web hosting.

Even though there are many benefits of web hosting, it has more advantages for business websites. It is self-explanatory why a web host is a necessity to land your online business. Web hosting companies often have technicians to closely analyze and assist your website, giving your website the utmost technical support. These technicians ensure your webpage is functioning properly. So, they can help improve your site performance. This will further enhance your SEO and search engine ranking. Other benefits of web hosting are faster page loading speed and solving issues regarding troubleshooting. Your websites will also receive the perk of high reliability and better website security.