What is a Microsite?


A microsite is an independent web page or a small bunch of pages. Its purpose is to function as a set-up page on an existing website or to go with offline activity. The main landing page of a microsite possesses a separate domain name or subdomain. Rather than that of an actual site.  

Usage of a Microsite

Web design toronto believes that there are many instances where you might need to have a microsite. Some of those are:

Web Designing 

Web designers use microsites to add useful information for editorial or commercial purposes. Such sites link with the main site or one can be separate from a site’s server if the site is used for a short-term task. The main difference of a microsite from its parent site is its purpose and coherence.

Editorial Tasks 

Usually, commercial businesses use microsites for editorial tasks to enhance editorial value. For example, a retailer of party goods can create a microsite with editorial content. The content can be about the history of any festival, some holiday or event. The commercial use of editorial microsites is to increase the number of clients on the website. It is for the purposes of branding, providing content and keywords. This creates higher chances of search engine optimization. Generally, microsites do not have separate web applications.

spotify microsite

Commercial Purposes 

Microsites are often used for commercial purposes. They generate complete information about a specific service or product. They also work as editorial support of a particular product. It includes describing details about emerging technology. For example, an electronics manufacturing company may present a new hybrid device. It supports the hybrid with a microsite particularly to explain the technology. This results in a better understanding of clients about the technology. It also creates hype and gets them excited about it.

View examples of beautiful microsites. 

Improvement of Quality Score 

A microsite does not lower PPC (pay-per-click) cost, because usually it does not improve quality search. Quality Score has nine factors, one of them is the quality of the landing page. It analyzes the relevancy, transparency of the content and the feasibility of navigation. This factor does not analyze the website. That is a misconception about Quality Score. It only looks at the landing page from the search query. So, it does not make a difference if a website deals with a broad variety of items or only one of them. It matters if the content of that one page is related to a user’s search. When we combine this with the other eight factors involved in Quality Score, the main website result gets enhanced Quality Scores.

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Benefits of Microsite 

Creating concise content for a web page is one of the easiest ways to attract traffic these days. Otherwise, the content gets twisted in the noise of competitive online marketing. Web design NYC has proposed that use of microsites provides you with some benefits:

Targeted Campaigns 

They enable brands to give targeted content to particular clients, relating to different segments.

Lead Generation 

Microsites are able to create high-targeted guides for businesses.

dominos dxp microsite

Brand Awareness 

They enable brands to create and enhance their presence online. It gives them the opportunity to have their own webspace.

SEO for Niche Keywords 

Microsites are helpful for businesses to achieve a better search engine ranking. Especially for specific long tail keywords with the use of focused content.

Easy to Manage 

Only a small group in your organization can work on a microsite with determination. Microsites are limited to targeted campaigns. In this way, one is able to manage a smaller team. It saves cost, energy, time, and resources.

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Effective Strategies to Develop a Microsite

Get Increased Awareness 

A microsite committed to a product, campaign or project, helps increase awareness. The awareness of not only a particular item but also the brand. It also enables to increase the attractiveness around the topic of the microsite. People will have a better experience if they have the ability to find what they search for. The clients also have lesser pages to go through as compared to the main website.

Focused Content 

Microsite gives you anticipation and clients a place to search for information. It provides all information about your product, campaign or project in broad detail. It is an ideal approach to own a blog that has all the latest information related to the subject. This will help in providing relevant and detailed content. This way users will find valuable content and will prefer to come back.

Faster Development 

With reduced pages and content, microsites are faster and easier to develop. Microsites are a good solution if one has a seasonal product or campaign that will not stay on for long durations. A person is able to put up the microsite and can also take it down once the campaign is complete. It also eradicates the uncertainty of problems occurring with the main website.

Cost Efficiency 

A microsite is the best option if you have a tight budget for marketing. They are less expensive because they are less involved than a larger website. They are easier to maintain and are affordable than adding to a larger website. You can take the example of building a house. If you need more capacity, you build a bigger house. But if you need less space then there is no need to build a big house, the same is the purpose of a microsite. If you don’t need a larger capacity, then there is no need to spend an extra amount of money.

Search Benefits 

Because of the fact that a microsite has its own URL, your company can have another website. Customers are able to land on the exact website to learn about your page or product. The microsite must consist of a variety of keyword-stuffed language. It should be related to the topic of the site because that is valued by Google and other search engines. If you create a blog for your microsite, then it can add to your Search Engine Optimization value even more.