What is content scraping? | Web scraping

Web scraping is the act of extracting information from a website without the permission of its owner. A bot may either download all or part of the content on a website, regardless of whether or not the site’s proprietor wants this to happen. Data scraping is considered a type of web scraping. Bots that scrape websites are known as website scraper bots.

Web design Singapore team state that repurposing content for illicit purposes, such as duplicating material on websites the attacker owns in order to optimize SEO and infringe copyrights, as well as stealing organic traffic, is a common technique of misuse. Content scraping might include filling out and submitting forms in order to gain access to additional gated content, which has the side effect of generating spam.

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How do bots scrape content?

A website scraper bot would usually make a succession of HTTP GET requests and then copy and save all of the data that the web server sends back, working its way through a website’s hierarchy until it has copied all of the content.

Web design Singapore team state that Bots that are more sophisticated might, for example, fill out every form on a website and download any gated content using JavaScript. “Browser automation” applications and APIs allow automated bot interaction with websites and APIs as if they were using a typical web browser in order to deceive the site’s server into thinking a real person is reading it.

Sure, a human could manually copy and paste a website, but bots can swiftly crawl and download all of a website’s content, even for big sites with hundreds or thousands of product pages.

What kinds of content do content scraping bots target?

Scrapers can collect whatever is posted publicly on the Internet, including text, pictures, code in various formats, and so on. The scraped data may be used for a variety of purposes by attackers.

Text may be repurposed to boost a website’s search engine ranking or trick users. Cyber criminals might utilize stolen material to construct phishing emails or to create fraudulent duplicate websites.

What other kinds of web scraping are there?

Contact scraping

Scraping refers to the process of obtaining contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, from websites. Web design Miami team state that email harvesting bots are a form of scraper bot that focuses on email addresses.

Price scraping

Web design Singapore explain that when a firm downloads pricing data from another company’s website in order to modify its own price, this is known as shadowing.

How can companies prevent web scraping?

Web design Miami team affirms that Bot management solutions can recognize bot conduct patterns and combat bot scraping activities, often with the aid of machine learning. Rate limiting may also assist in preventing content scraping: A real person is unlikely to request the content of hundreds of pages in a few seconds or minutes, and any “user” making such requests is almost certainly a bot. CAPTCHA questions can also prevent bots from accessing protected content.

Cloudflare Bot Management is designed to combat content scraping assaults, as well as bot mitigation for other sorts of harmful traffic. Web design Miami team explains that unlike rate limiting or CAPTCHA solutions, the machine-learning-based Cloudflare Bot Management can identify bots based on behavioral patterns, resulting in less friction for users and fewer false positives (users mistakenly identified as bots).

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