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We at Rank Focus offer web design services with our clients in mind. Modern web design is so much more than just creating an appealing website. You also need to make sure you consider the user experience, search engine optimization, accessibility, and even things such as technical details. All of these and a lot more are involved in designing a website that will be able to compete in the online marketplace.

Rank by Focus has a web design and digital marketing team that is capable of facilitating the growth of your business. Some websites we’ve created include things like WordPress websites and eCommerce solutions that are focused on being user friendly and a great first impression, as well as being custom tailored to your brand and users. To make your website we will also consider how it ties into other aspects of your marketing campaigns such as social media marketing, content management and other digital marketing strategies.

Regardless of what marketing services you need from us, our website design team is always ready to discuss your project and how to customize your website for your target audience.

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Rank by focus is an experienced and passionate team of professionals that live and breathe web design and search engine optimization (SEO). All our services are offered in-house and are integrated to exceed your business requirements.  We service to clients all around the world, focused in TorontoMiamiNew YorkMalaysia and Singapore.

Why should I hire website design services?

If you’re in the first stages of website development you might have thought about if you want to hire an agency to be with you every step of the way. Here are some indicators that you may want to consider a web design agency.

You’re short on time

Web design is a time-consuming process when done correctly and following best practices. It takes time to develop a website that will drive impactful results for your business. You need to invest in creating a custom website that not only reaches your target audience but also allows your business to compete with your competition in terms of graphic design, user experience and search engine optimization.

If you’re not investing adequate time into your website design, you’re losing out on a chance to grow your business via digital marketing. Customers won’t want to come to your online store if they have a bad first impression, and that means working on things such as making it mobile friendly, user friendly, as well as visually appealing. And all of these things take time for web designers to do, no matter how experienced they are.

You definitely don’t want to have a new website that’s subpar, especially when your competition has a professional website that was custom-made for their company. If you or your team don’t have the time to spend the time that you should on creating a beautifully designed website, you should consider a professional web designer to help you build a website that is custom-tailored to your brand, users and meets all your website needs.

If you find a full service digital marketing company, their professional web designer will have the time needed to build a professional website for your company that will increase your conversion rate and drive business. And the best thing? You don’t need to worry about setting aside time in your own busy schedule to meet your website needs, instead you’ll have a design team dedicated to it!

Your web design team lacks experience

You should remember that a professional website will be able to increase your conversion rate, offer a great user experience and promote your business in general. However, if you don’t have any experience in website design and development it can be a bit tricky to run a successful ecommerce website. It’s important that proper time and care is put into an ecommerce website so that it is successfully optimizing your business and drives results.

Remember that there’s a lot of things that goes into a custom website, not only does it need to actually show up on search engines through search engine optimization, the website design needs to be carefully carried out so that it provides a positive user experience. You need to consider how each aspect of the website will affect web design and user experience. For example, if content management is done properly and you want to use WordPress, you should have no problem attracting users that are interested in your content, and may check out your products or services afterwards. However, if you lack experience in web designs or don’t really know how to use WordPress efficiently, then you might not know the best way to make your website the best it can be for your brand. But no worries, you can always attend a class or seminar on web design or if you’re in a pinch you can hire web design services!

If you find a full service web design agency, they will have had experience building websites that not only drive results but also rank on search engines. They will also know how to incorporate different elements such as social media and graphic design into your website and how to get the most out of these elements for your brand and users.

You’re unsure about how to best drive results

It’s not uncommon for businesses to start with a very basic web page. After all, every website needs to start from somewhere. However, it’s important that from here on you have a plan for how you want your site to look like, and how to implement that plan. As a new website designer, you may not know everything about design and development in order to see the best results.

The first thing to understand is how different elements on your site can create a different experience for your target audience. Something as simple as a different design, or a video will change your customers’ experience on your site. If you’re not sure what your online store needs then you should consider finding a web development company to help you create a new website. Otherwise, you might run the risk of making a website on something like WordPress but you don’t know how to properly manage content creation.

By partnering with an award-winning design agency, you’ll get the expertise of a web design company that knows exactly what to do for your industry. This includes things such as search engine optimization, website development, lead generation, and specific ecommerce knowledge. They’ll be able to take your vision and turn it into reality for every website or project that you need. This will allow you to have a custom website that has a responsive web design with each page perfectly optimized for search engines. Hiring a company can ensure that you get the best results out of your website that will drive traffic and revenue for your business.

You only know how to use templates

When building an ecommerce website, you want it to stand out from your competitors. This is why so many website design services focus on individuality and creativity as their strong points.

If building websites for the first time, you may rely on a template web design to create your website. Although these templates aren’t necessarily a bad website design in itself, it doesn’t necessarily help you stand out. There’s likely hundreds of other websites out there that have the exact same website design as yours, which means it’s likely for your website to just get lost within search engines. For example, sure you could create a WordPress site, but do you know how to properly optimize it and make it stand out from others?

To create an award winning website, you either need to become an expert in website design or hire a web design company. They can create a custom website that is relevant to your brand that will also provide a unique experience to your target audience. And voila, you have a website that will automatically promote your company!

How do I find the right web design services?

Now that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you need to hire web design services, now you need to know how to find the best web design agency for your business.

Here are some steps that you can use as a guide to help you find the best website design services for your company.

1. Set a budget

If you haven’t already designated a budget for website design, then this should be your first step. Especially when you consider that there’s no standard pricing for a website, so it’s important that you define an upper limit before you approach a web design company.

How large or small your budget is depends on the specific website design services you want. You can do this by just looking at which web design services are relevant for your company and then look around at agencies to see how much they charge for it. After establishing a budget, you’ll also have a better idea of what you can expect, and what type of company you might want you web design services from.

2. Choose a designer type

Web design is a very large industry with a lot of subsections. This is good for you since it affords you a lot of choices to choose from when looking for web design services.

Here are some of the most common types of web design services:


Unsurprisingly, the web development field has numerous freelancers with varying capabilities. In general, freelancers are considered to be the cheapest in term of web design services, unless they’re really well-known and are constantly sought after by companies.

Working with a freelancer is usually more informal than working with an actual web development agency, however this has its pros and cons. On one hand, most of them will be quite flexible and accommodating to your schedule. However, there are also tons of unprofessional freelancers that will refuse to follow your schedule and may even violate the terms of the contract.

Design agencies

There are design agencies that specialize in web design services and they’re usually comprised of a small team that will work together with clients.

Design agencies are usually more expensive than freelancers on average just because you’re paying for not just one person but a team of experts. Professional design agencies will offer a more formal contract, which usually includes frequent communication, brand customization, and quick completion of tasks.

Full-service web design agencies

A full-service web design company will offer not only web design services, but also search engine optimization, a content management system as well as more broad ecommerce knowledge. Depending on the web design company, they could be either close to design agencies or much more expensive. This also depends on their reputation and experience.

Full-service agencies are especially great if you’re looking for not just a website, but you want to go into digital marketing in general. Since all of the teams in their agency work together, that means you’re likely to get a website design that is cohesive with the rest of their marketing services. This means you final product will not only be professionally done, but everything is put together for your brand.

3. Take a glance at their portfolio

After deciding what type of agency you want to look for, the next step you should do is to look at their portfolio. Specifically you want to see what type of brand they’re most familiar with, as well as websites that they’ve designed. By looking into their portfolio you get a better insight into their style as web designers, as well as their general success.

For one, you can see if a website design agency has experience with your specific industry. If they do, great! Then you should look at the web design of their past clients, and if it would be suitable for you. Additionally you can also test the user experience of the website, and see if it has a responsive web design. This is one of the easiest ways to get some insight into a company to see if their web design would be a good fit for your brand.

Even if they haven’t had experience with your industry, you can still take a quick look at their portfolio to see what their style of web design is. Even if they haven’t actually worked in your industry, if their web design seems like it would be a great fit for your brand you can keep them on a list to reach out to in the event that you can’t find another web design agency.

Looking at a web designer’s portfolio is the best way to see what kind of page they can design for you, and if they’re a good fit for your project.

4. Look at client testimonials

The next step is to reach out to past clients. Client testimonials will also provide insight into a company and the type of digital web design work they do for their clients. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with the agency itself, past clients and reviews will help you determine if a web design company is trustworthy and will provide you with great services.

Companies that have multiple positive client testimonials usually offer great marketing services for their clients. In general, people will be happy to share a positive experience that they had with a web design company. And when more than just a few people share that same positive experience, it’s usually safe to say that the web design company you found is a good company. On the other hand, if you see multiple bad experiences, you might want to avoid that company.

5. Compare budgets

As we mentioned before, you should already have a general budget in mind. That said, it’s important that you find a website development company that fits into your budget. You’ll be able to check their pricing either through a consultation or on their website (which is relatively rare).

However even then it’s still pretty hard to determine an exact price for a web design project. The cost is completely dependent upon what web design services your website needs. In simple terms, the less services you need, the less you pay, the more services you need, the more you pay.

However, as we alluded to earlier, most web design companies don’t just have a page with prices on it. Instead, they want you to contact them for their web design service pricing. This might make it harder for you to compare prices and see which web design company will best fit your budget.

If you’re looking for web design services, try your best to look for any online pricing. Some companies will have a page that includes a “calculator” which will give you an approximate cost for the services you need. If not, you’ll just have to go in for consultations with ecommerce companies.

6. Look at the services they offer

When looking for an agency, you want to see if they offer additional digital marketing services.

As you site comes to life, you may find that you’re needing more than just the web design services you had originally requested. You may need services such as WordPress marketing, ecommerce knowledge, and search engine optimization to further promote your website.

It’s generally a good idea to find a website designer agency that offers more than just web design services. This is especially important if you’re looking to expand your business. By keeping everything in the same company, you’re able to keep your website cohesive with the rest of your campaign. For example, it would be a lot harder to have one agency create a WordPress site for your company, but a separate agency managing your content creation.

This is the reason why full-service agencies appeal to companies, since they’re a one-stop shop.

7. Ask questions about the web designer’s strategy

It’s easy to get lost in the jargon of website design especially if you’re new to the industry.

A good agency or freelancer won’t mind explaining everything to you in layman terms, and the how’s or why’s and what results you should expect to see.

If they’re promising something that seems too good to be true, it most likely is. If they don’t take the time to lay it out for you step by step it’s usually an indicator that you should be wary of partnering with them. If they’re avoiding exact steps and details that’s usually what you can expect from their agency too. That means you might get rushed work, or solutions that don’t show results. It’s important that you choose a company that is open with their communication from the very beginning, as it’s likely they would continue to remain responsive throughout your partnership.

8. Request client references

If possible, you want to look for previous clients that are in the same industry as you. This allows you to make direct connections with the websites and work they’ve done to what you want done for your project. This will also give you a better idea of the agency or freelancer’s capability within your industry.

It’s generally considered good practice to be able to provide references upon request, so you should immediately be wary of anyone who seemingly struggles to provide you with a reference list.

9. Look at multiple web designers

You should take a look at a variety of web designers before you enter a contract. It’s important that you have a good sense of what options are available for your project before you enter a partnership with the first one that seems good. It’s important that you look at all of your potential options even if you’ve seemingly found the perfect one first try. After all, who’s to say that you won’t find someone better? And since you want the best for your business, that means shopping around for the best website designers.

Most web designers are able to give you a free consultation/quote and you should take them up on their offer. This will offer you a more thorough idea of what exactly needs to be done to meet your vision of a perfect website, and how much it’ll cost after everything has been accounted for.

Some behaviors that you want to watch out for are pushy sales tactics, subtle upselling, and withholding information. Remember you’re not only shopping for web design services, you’re also shopping for a long-term partner that you’re going to trust with your business.

Where to find a web designer

Now that you’ve read through everything, you’re ready to go look for your own web design agency! But wait, where do you look?

You actually have quite a few places that you can look at, here are just a few:

  • Search engines: You can use search engines like Google or Bing to look for web design services from both freelancers and agencies
  • Hiring websites: If you’re looking for a freelancer, you can browse web design services on hiring websites like Upwork
  • Review websites: You can also use review sites to see what people think of web design companies, rough pricing and more

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of your social network! You can ask your colleagues, friends or even family to see if they can provide recommendations. This is actually the most common way that digital marketing agencies are referred to their customers.

Find your ideal website designer today

You deserve to have a beautiful website for your business, remember to find a hosting that provides SSL certificates. If you want to increase your online presence and brand awareness then investing in a responsive web design is crucial. And to get that perfect custom website, you need to find a web designer that will customize their services to your company’s needs.

At Rank by Focus we have a team of digital marketing experts that is ready to help you with whatever you need for your next project. If you’re ready to start creating your site, contact us today!

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